Cover of Tales from the Titans - Comics Career Library - Edited by Kirk Chritton

Tales from the Titans

The Comics Career Library’s first book is Tales from the Titans. This volume includes interviews with ten top creators discussing their careers, tips for aspiring creators, and important topics for all creators. The material is culled from  more than 30+ years  in-depth interviews.

The interviews get you inside the process of comics writers, artists, editors and publishers. The conversations go beyond the basics to focus on craft and career management. What does it really take to produce professional work? How do creators need to think, feel, and behave to get their first gig and continue working?

This book gathers the most powerful and relevant interviews that I conducted for Comics Career. They have been lightly edited for clarity and length. I’ve removed sections that have been eclipsed by changing technology and business practices. What remains are timeless tips and insight from some of the titans of the comic book business.

Tales from the Titans is available now on Amazon.

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