Comic Book Q&A: Drawing from a script

DC Comics artist Freddie E. Williams talks about how he develops his drawings from a writer’s script.

Todd McFarlane Art Lesson #3: Hands

Many beginning comics artists struggle with drawing hands and fingers. Here’s a basic lesson from comics superstar and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.

Comic Book Q&A: Portfolios

Freddie E. Williams II, a leading artist for DC Comics, talks about what artists should include in a portfolio for review by editors.

Todd McFarlane Art Lesson #2: Eyes

Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane presents a lesson on the basics of drawing eyes.

Comic Book Q&A Introduction

DC Comics artist Freddie E. Williams II introduces his Q&A series about how to draw comics.

Here’s part one of the Q&A series:

Todd McFarlane Art Lesson 1: Photoshop Basics

The first in a series of art lessons by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane.