Index of 10 Questions for Comics Creators

We launched our “10 Questions for Comics Creators” project on January 1, 2009, with the ambitious goal of posting a new interview with a different creator every day for a year. As of this writing, so far so good.

For your handy-dandy reference, here’s a listing of the featured creators:

January 1: Phil Hester, a prolific comics artist (Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, El Diablo) and writer (Firebreather, The Darkness, Masquerade)

January 2: Bobby Nash, the cartoonist of the strip Life in the Faster Lane and writer of comics including Demonslayer, Threshold, and Jungle Fantasy from Avatar Press

January 3: Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Colour Design, illustrator, colorist, and co-author of Hi-Fi Color for Comics (Impact Books).

January 4: Jimmie Robinson, the artist and writer behind Bomb Queen (Image Comics), Amanda & Gunn, Evil & Malice, and more.

January 5: Stephanie O’Donnell, creator of the webcomic The Original Nutty Funsters and artist for Only in Whispers and Jesus Hates Zombies.

January 6: Rob Davis, penciller of Daughter of Dracula, the upcoming Robyn of Sherwood, and various Star Trek series for Malibu Graphics and DC Comics.

January 7: B. Clay Moore, the scribe behind Hawaiian Dick, Expatriate, ’76, Battle Hymn, Casey Blue Beyond, Superman Confidential, many others.

January 8: Loston Wallace who works as a licensing artist for DC Comics, has pencilled Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

January 9: Shane White, a writer/artist/colorist with credits in Comic Book Tattoo, Hawaiian Dick, Sinbad Rogue of Mars, Fear Agent, and Negative Burn.

January 10: JM Ringuet, artist of Sparks and Transhuman and color artist for projects from Boom!, Top Cow, Silent Devil, Studio 407, and Devil’s Due.

January 11: Robert William “Will” Turner, the writer/producer of Reynard City.

January 12: Joshua Hicks who’s behind a whole slew of small press comics from Palm Productions.

January 13: Steven Philip Jones, who has written comics (Talismen, Reanimator, Alien Nation), novels (Spawn adaptations, King of Harlem), and non-fiction (“Writing Comic Books”)

January 14: Doug Klauba, a cover artist for Moonstone Books. His talents have been featured in The Phantom, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Jack Hagee: PI, Zorro, The Spider, Doc Savage, Moonstone Monsters: Ghosts, General Jack Cosmo, and Project: Superpowers.

January 15: James Burns is an Atlanta-based cartoonist whose credits include Detached, Daemon Process, the recently published Real Magicalism anthology, and the weekly comic strip Grumbles which is published by Atlanta’s Sunday Paper and is also available on his website.

January 16: Mike Bullock is the creator and writer of Lions, Tigers and Bears and Secrets of the Seasons: The Gimoles. He’s also written The Phantom, Zorro: Enemy of my Enemy, and Sonic X.

January 17: Roman Morales III has drawn Lynch Mob (Chaos Comics) and X-Men: Hardee’s Special . He’s currently hard at work on The 10th Muse for Blue Water Productions.

January 18: Martin Powell is a writer whose career has stretched across multiple genres and publishers. His credits include Scarlet in Gaslight, The Verdict, A Case of Blind Fear, Necroscope, Return of the Devil, Gravestone, Disney’s Aladdin, Pilgrim’s Progress, Alien Nation, The Spider Chronicles, The Avenger Chronicles, Gaslight Grimoire, The Phantom Chronicles, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, and more.

January 19: Ande Parks is known as one of best inkers in the business (Green Arrow, Ant-Man, Exterminators, El Diablo, etc.), and as a writer of the acclaimed graphic novels Union Station and Capote in Kansas. He’s also written comics as diverse as the superheroics of Daredevil and the political satire of Uncle Slam.

January 20: Al Bigley has drawn comics for DC, Marvel, Archie, Image, Golden Books, Hershey, Kenner, CTW, Disney, and more. He’s also written a new book, Draw Comics Like a Pro: Techniques for Creating Dynamic Characters, Scenes, and Stories, published by Watson/Guptill.

January 21: Gary Reed has been writing and publishing comics since the late 1980’s. As publisher of Caliber, he published hundreds of comics titles and helped launch the careers of many of today’s top creators. As a creator, he has written a wide variety of comics, including the long-running Deadworld.

January 22: Joe Eisma is the artist of the “Dodge’s Bullets” short story in Dynamo 5 #18 (Image Comics), the OGN Serpo (Devil’s Due Publishing), and A Dummy’s Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea (Viper Comics). His upcoming projects include We, The People and The Super Life from Outlaw Entertainment.

January 23: James Lynch is the writer and artist behind several books from his Hero Universe Comics Group. He wrote and drew the one-shot Bliss: The World’s Greatest Superhero and, Victors #1, and A Heroic Holiday Christmas Special.

January 24: Hector Rodriguez is the artist of the kids book Mandie Pandie in the Curfew (Crazy Comics) and a variety of short stories in GWP’s Psychosis and Comic Artists Guild anthologies. His upcoming project Hell’s Blood is scheduled for release at the New York Comic Con.

January 25: Troy Little is the creator of the acclaimed graphic novel Chiaroscuro and the newly released Angora Napkin (both published by IDW). His new graphic novel is currently in development by Teletoon Canada as an animated pilot.

Januray 26: Sean Taylor is the writer behind Gene Simmons Dominatrix (IDW), Gene Simmons House of Horrors #1, Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1-6, and Fishnet Angel: Jane Doe #1-2. He’s currently working on Jesse James in the Mayan Underworld (Arcana Comics), and The Tantalizing Ti-Girl, a new manga from Mini-Komix.

January 27: David Flora is the talent behind the acclaimed pulp comic Ghost Zero from Moonstone Books.

January 28: Gerry Alanguilan is probably best known for his work inking comics including Superman: Birthright, Batman/Danger Girl, Wolverine, New X-Men Annual, High Roads, Silent Dragon, Wetworks, Grifter, X-Force, Fantastic Four Annual, and Tales of Darkness.

January 29: Robert Heske is an aspiring screenwriter who zigged into writing horror comics only to zag back towards film work. His latest comics effort, The Night Projectionist (Studio 407) debuts in February and has been optioned for film by Myriad Pictures. He also the publisher of the anthology series Cold Blooded Chillers which is now on it’s third issue.

January 30: Brent Schoonover has drawn Dead@17: Rough Cut Volume 2 (Viper Comics), Horrorwood mini-series (Ape Entertainment), and Astronaut Dad Volume 1 (Silent Devil). He’s currently drawing for an upcoming issue of Bluewater Productions’ Vincent Price Presents.

January 31: Stan Yan is the artist of SubCulture, mini-series from Ape Entertainment. He also draws a semi-weekly SubCulture webcomic. He writes and draws The Wang, a graphic novel series published by Squid Works. On top of that, he’s the writer/colorist for REVVVelations, a weekly webcomic at; illustrator for “The Wandering Eye” column in the Source Weekly newspaper in Bend, OR; and was formerly the daily cartoonist for the Tickle Tape daily financial webcomic.

February 1: Keith J. Murphey is a penciller and painter who has tackled every facet of comics creation. His work has appeared in the Comicbook Artist Guild anthologies, Sky Pirates #5 (Free Lunch Comics), and Psychosis (Guild Works Productions). He will have work in several publications in 2009, including Hector Rodriguez’s Hell’s Blood and Jon Escolbales’s Killer Cortez. Keith is the founder of the Comicbook Artists Guild (CAG) and has served as president since its inception in late 2000. The organization has grown to include multiple national and international chapters.

February 2: Bill Nichols is not only the editor of the comics art how-to periodical Sketch Magazine, he’s also a writer and inker whose work has appeared in Blood and Roses (writer, inker), Raven Chronicles (inker), LegendLore (inker), Savage Family (writer, inker) and several others.

February 3: Rick Hoberg got his start in the comics business in the mid-70s, assisting Russ Manning on the classic Tarzan comic strip. He moved on to comic books and has drawn nearly every major Marvel and DC superhero at one time or another. At Marvel, he has rendered titles including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Conan, What If, and Star Wars. At DC, he has covered Batman, Brave and the Bold, All Star Squadron, Green Arrow, and even Captain Carrot. In addition, he’s a leading creator in the field of animation having worked on dozens of cartoon shows including Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, G.I. Joe, X-Men, TMNT, Ultimate Avengers, Justice League, and many more. He’s currently hard at work for Film Roman doing the storyboards for The Avengers.

February 4: Tom Luth is a talented artist, illustrator, photographer, and comic book colorist. He is probably most associated with his twenty-year run coloring the work of Sergio Aragones on Groo the Wanderer and other titles. He’s also colored Usagi Yojimbo, Captain Victory, Aquaman, Nexus, and MAD magazine.

February 5: Sean O’Reilly is the CEO of Canada’s largest comics company, Arcana Studio. O’Reilly has influenced the careers of many creators, and has written books including Kade, Clockwork Girl, and The Greatest American Hero.

February 6: C.E.L. Welsh has written two graphic novels for Campfire Comics: an adaptation of King Solomon’s Mines and The Impossible Possible: Harry Houdini. He also has two entries in the hopper for The Starving Time and Hyde Bound.

February 7: Steven Doty is a Louisville, Kentucky, artist who has drawn comics including Myriad, Evil Inside, Chaos Campus Special Edition, and Demon’s Redemption (all for Approbation Comics) and Ami’s Kiss, M.A.P.C.C.A.A.R., The Sitter, and The Cure (all from Streetlight Graphics) and Hatfield and McCoy (Better Than Your Comics). His current projects include Armored Warrior, Z Reaction, Hass, and The Beast.

February 8: Neil D Vokes has drawn comics including Superman Adventures, Tarzan the Warrior, Life, the Universe and Everything, Adventures Of The Mask, Untold Tales Of Spider-Man, Congorilla, Ninjak, Jurassic Park:Raptor Attack, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Parliament Of Justice, The Black Forest, and The Wicked West.

February 9: Bruce McCorkindale has comics credits including writer/artist turns on The Falling Man, Negative Burn, and Chamelia. You’ve also seen his inking work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Black Orchid, The Wretch, Rune Vs. Venom, Marvel Time Slip, and the current Image Comics series Golly! He also produces animation through his Action Impulse Studios.

February 10: Allen Freeman is a prolific writer, artist, colorist and small press publisher. He has had his work published in Ralph Snart Adventures, Speed Racer Classics, Fright Night and illustrated three videotape covers for Speed Racer videos for Now Comics. He contributed to Morgana X and The Seeker for Sky Comics. He inked The Realm and Frankenstein for Caliber Comics. He’s also worked for Wunderman Comics, KCQ Comics, and Blind Bat Press. He contributed to the Mortal Kombat Card Game and Battlelords Card Game.

February 11: Mark Irwin got his start in the comics business as an inker in the mid-90’s. He initially worked on a wide variety of books for Wildstorm and Image. Since then, he’s inked hundreds of comics including titles featuring Batman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Hulk, Justice League, and Aliens. He’s currently the Art Director for Upper Deck’s entertainment division. He also writes the creator-owned comic book Jack Secret, and handles design jobs for his company Creative Militia

February 12: Nick Lyons is just breaking into writing comics professionally. His first published work is in Bluewater’s Vincent Price Presents #6, followed by four issues of Warlock in March. Also in the works are two other projects, Rain and Medusa.

February 13: R.A. Jones wrote a tremendous amount of comics for Malibu Comics, including Dark Wolf, Fist of God, Scimidar, Merlin, Sinbad, White Devil, Protectors, The Ferret, Pistolero, Prototype, Night Man, Air Man, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He’s also wrote for other publishers: Dark Horse (Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor), Image (Bulletproof Monk, Automaton), Innovation (Straw Men), Humanoid (Metal Hurlant), DC (Showcase ’95), Marvel (Weapon X, Wolverine & Captain America).

February 14: Bobby Timony is the artist and co-creator of The Night Owls on DC’s webcomic imprint Zuda.

February 15: Travis Fox creates the comicstrip Foxymoron which has been running in the Thursday edition of the Kansas City Star for several years.

February 16: Terrance Griep has one of the more interesting combinations of vocations and lifestyles. The Minneapolis-based comics writer is also a professional wrestler — and openly gay. Terrance has written for DC and Image on series including Scooby Doo, Cartoon Network Presents, JLA Showcase, and Big Bang Comics.

Feburary 17: Kevin Mellon has quickly developed a reputation as a top-notch artist, and is now making his move into writing some of his own material. You may have seen his work on GearHead (Arcana), Thirteen Steps (Desperado), Teddy Scares (APE), Ghosting (Platinum), GunPlay (Platinum), Comic Book Tattoo (Image) Antoine Sharpe, The Atheist Vol. 2 (Desperado), Hack/Slash (Devil’s Due), and This Is A Souvenir: The Songs of Spearmint and Shirley Lee (Image, 2009).

February 18: Ray Freisen is a California-based cartoonist who has created the graphic novels YARG!, Another Dirt Sandwich, and A Cheese Related Mishap, which was named one of the American Library Association’s Top Ten Graphic Novels of the Year for Kids. His brand new graphic novel, Cupcakes of DOOM!, has just been released. He also does a daily strip, The Rambunctious Ramblings of Tbyrd Fearlessness, on his website

February 19: Tuck! specializes in drawing sports cartoons. In addition to various daily and weekly newspapers, you can find his satiric take on baseball news every week on the Hardball Times website. He also provides illustrations for Acta Publications’ books, including Hardball Times Season Preview, and Hardball Times Season Annual.

February 20: Marty Oakley is the publisher of Living Word Publications, a small press Christian comic book publisher. He also writes and draws comics for the line. His credits include
Hell and The Prison for Kingdom Comics. He’s currently working on Beyond Mortality and Clean Slate.

February 21: Hal Jones is the creator of the web-comic Beyond Human His other work includes Tales of Terror #10 (Eclipse Comics), Alternate Heroes #1 (Prelude Graphics), Jungle Comics featuring Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (Blackthorne Comics).

February 22: B. Alex Thompson is the writer, publisher, and driving force behind Approbation Comics. Often credited as Bart A. Thompson, his work includes Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies, Vampires Unlimited, The Lazarus Factor, ChiSai, The Metamutoids, The Evil Inside #1-6, Amour #1-6, Myriad #1-6 (all Approbation Comics), Lethal Instinct #1-6 (Alias Comics), Dark Horrors 2 (Arcana Comics), and Bram Stoker’s Mummy (Graphic Planet).

February 23: Paul Kupperberg is a writer and editor who has worked in the comic book field for more than 30 years. At DC Comics, he’s written a little of everybody, from Arion to Zatanna. He is the author of several books, numerous short stories and novellas, young adult non-fiction books on subjects ranging from pop culture to hard science, online animation and syndicated newspaper comic strips. He is also a columnist for ComicsCareer.Com — find a list of his columns here.

February 24: John Jackson Miller has written comics including Star Wars: Empire, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Crimson Dynamo, and Bart Simpson. He’s now entering his fourth year of writing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He’s also written other games and fiction for Lucasfilm properties. He was also previously on the editorial staff of the magazines Comics Retailer and Comics Buyer’s Guide, and the Standard Catalog of Comic Books line of books.

February 25: Sam Costello is a writer whose work can be found in places like the webcomic Split Lip ( Cthulhu Tales #9 (Boom! Studios), Negative Burn #13 (Desperado), Tales From the Plex (Futurius), Variants Anthology #2, (Variance Press) and the upcoming anthology of folk song adaptations, Work!

February 26: Hector Casanova is an illustrator and cartoonist for the Kansas City Star, artist of Image Comics’ Screamland, and produces a wide variety of illustration and fine art for various outlets.

February 27: Greg Harms is an artist and comics creator who is currently inking 10th Muse: 800 mini-series for Bluewater Productions. As a commercial artist he’s produced brochures, signage, point-of-purchase displays, phone cards, school annuals, and more. His background includes work as a newspaper editor and graphic artist in the entertainment industry.

February 28: Andrew Wales is the creator of T.A.I.L.S. (Traveling Adventurers in Laboratory Science) for Boy’s Quest magazine, and a similar comic for their sister publication Hopscotch. In addition he’s also creates comics and illustrations for Fun for Kids magazine. He’s currently working on his self-published comic book, Eclectic Comics.

March 1: Dan Nokes is a small press comics creator whose current effort is a three-issue Western mini-series titled The Pisoleers. The Maryland-based creator’s previous works include The Reptile and Mister Amazing (2002) and the 12-issue maxi-series The Paranormals (2003-2008).

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