A Christmas Miracle

Over on Bill Nichols’ new site devoted to creating comics, ComicsMentor.Com, you can find a terrific true story of Christmas inspiration from Ron Fortier.

All of a sudden none of the new proposals I was sending out to various publishers were being accepted. Rejection slips started to mount up on a steady basis and with them my natural frustration. Seven months had gone by since I’d sold anything and I found myself in a truly depressed funk as the holiday season rolled around. Enough so that by Christmas was only a few days away, I made the decision to stop pounding my head against that wall and simply quit…. When I told Valerie my intentions, she gave me one of her patented mystery smiles (you, ala the Mona Lisa) which I’ve never been able to fathom. I had the feeling she didn’t believe me. But I would show her. I was done writing.

There’s a danger of getting so wrapped up in your day-to-day frustrations that you’re tempted to quit, forgetting about the effect you’re having on the people who read your work. Zip over to the whole story and find out who changed the direction of Ron’s comics career.

One thought on “A Christmas Miracle

  1. Thank You Kirk. This was highly motivational and inspiring. I’ve always thought of my artistic ability as a spiritual gift from God. Thank you Ron for sharing this experience with us. As creative people; it can become discouraging to create and not get feedback.

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