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Paul Kupperberg

Things I’ve Learned Along the Way
By Paul Kupperberg
© Paul Kupperberg

As you may have surmised by now, this column’s less about the nuts and bolts of writing than the broader ideas behind writing. Not that I don’t think that stuff’s important. It is. It’s vital; plotting, narrative, characterization, the three-act structure, pacing, et al, are the mechanical parts that all go into building the engine that drives the story. I guess I’m more about the design than the engineering.

I’ve always seen writing as a craft, a skill you possess and hone through practice and repetition. Like your first efforts at whittling or painting a portrait, your early writing is not going to be good. Not at all. It will be the best you can do at the time with those native, undeveloped skills. Ironically for the writer, the beginning is not the word but the desire to tell a story. And on the second day comes the story to tell.

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