Agents of Change

Paul Kupperberg

Things I’ve Learned Along the Way
By Paul Kupperberg
© Paul Kupperberg

I’ve never had an agent. The idea of using representation in the Work-Made-For-Hire* comic book biz is really ridiculous unless you’re in a position of some of our “superstars” and there’s something more than page-rate at stake. It doesn’t stop some people from using agents. There are a handful who specialize in the industry, but most are not really necessary. Any work I did outside of comics was usually landed through personal contacts, so an agent was unnecessary, and wouldn’t have found that the 10% of whatever I was earning was worth their time.

Now I have reached a point where I need an agent. I’ve got novels, young adult novel series, art books, gift books, coffee table books — I could start a mid-sized publishing house based just on the proposals I’ve got sitting here looking for publishers. A few years ago, I might have stood a chance of cracking a publisher; today, none. Even editors I know, who I have met and with whom I share mutual friends, say, “Sorry, we can’t look at unrepresented manuscripts.”

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